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HOME "Barbara Monteiro and her associates are skilled and passionate promoters of cutting-edge books that matter."—Philip Turner

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Barbara Monteiro is the founder and President of Monteiro & Co., Inc. She started the firm eighteen years ago as a one woman, one office operation, which she has grown into a prominent company in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Also, she has established alliances with various editors, publishers, media trainers and bloggers that can be called upon to contribute their expertise to book/author projects." See the “Current Projects” or "Testimonials" pages for a list of projects and clients.

Barbara is known for her creativity and perseverance. Purposely, Barbara pursues difficult but worthwhile projects and is now well-known by the top media in the field. Beginning with her association with Paul Krugman more than 5 years ago, Barbara has steadily carved out an impressive series of progressive clients, including Joe Conason, Ambassador Joe Wilson, Matt Simmons and Kevin Phillips. Barbara played a unique role with Ambassador Joe Wilson, by putting him in touch with editor Philip Turner of Avalon Publishing who ultimately published Joe's book, THE POLITICS OF TRUTH, which became a national bestseller. After Wilson was rejected by a major agent, Barbara still believed in the project, made sure that it got published, then followed through by helping to make it a bestseller.
During the 2004 election year, Monteiro & Co., organized a major Town Hall meeting pro bono for KPFA with Paul Krugman, Kevin Phillips and Al Franken. Other book venues followed, including a special event in Connecticut as a benefit for the Library Association. There was also a Town Hall Meeting with Mark Green, former Public Advocate for New York City, including speakers Paul Krugman, Ambassador Joe Wilson, Sidney Blumenthal and Craig Unger. Monteiro & Co. constantly reaches out to create book events with the World Affairs Council, Commonwealth Club, Cambridge Forum, Ethical Culture Society, 92nd Street Y, Library of Congress, JFK Library, and the United Nations, to name a few.

Before starting her own firm, Ms. Monteiro held various marketing and publicity positions at HarperCollins, The Free Press, John Wiley & Sons, R.R. Bowker, and the Association of American University Press. She has an M.A. in British and American Literature from Ohio University; a B.A. in English from Southeastern Massachusetts University (magna cum laude); and a certificate in Public Relations from New York University.

Ms. Monteiro served as a Board Member of the Publishers’ Publicity Association from 1986-1990. She has lectured at the CUNY Publishing Procedures Course on marketing and exhibits planning, and was a panelist at the Radcliffe Publishing Institute. In the past two years, Barbara Monteiro has been a regular speaker at the seasonal Book Promotion 101.