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About Monteiro & Company

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Meet Barbara Monteiro,
President and Founder, Monteiro & Company

Barbara Monteiro is the founder and President of Monteiro & Co., Inc. She started the firm in 1995 as a one-woman business using borrowed office space; Barbara grew that operation into a prominent boutique book marketing company with a staff of eight in Midtown Manhattan.

As the business grew, she established strategic alliances with publishers, book editors, agents and media trainers who contribute their expertise to book/author projects. See Current Projects or Testimonials pages for a list of projects and clients.

Barbara is known for her creativity and perseverance. The company specializes in current-affairs books whose messages deserve a wide audience. Her association with Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman began more than 20 years and since then  the firm has carved out an impressive list of other business and public-affairs experts. They  include  U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson, Wharton’s Barbara E. Kahn, economics professor Bill Janeway, journalist Joe Conason, and political commentator Kevin Phillips. Barbara played a unique role with Ambassador Wilson, bringing him to editor Philip Turner of Avalon Publishing who published Joe's book, THE POLITICS OF TRUTH, which revealed the lies behind the nation’s rush to war in Iraq. The book became a national bestseller. 

During the 2004 election year, Monteiro & Co., organized a major Town Hall meeting pro bono for KPFA with Paul Krugman, Kevin Phillips and Al Franken. Other book venues followed, including a special event in Connecticut as a benefit for the Library Association. There was also a Town Hall Meeting with Mark Green, former Public Advocate for New York City, including speakers Paul Krugman, Ambassador Joe Wilson, Sidney Blumenthal and Craig Unger. Monteiro & Co. created book events with the World Affairs Council, Commonwealth Club, Cambridge Forum, Ethical Culture Society, 92nd Street Y, Library of Congress, JFK Library, and the United Nations, to name a few. 

Before Monteiro and Co., Barbara held various marketing and publicity positions at HarperCollins, The Free Press, Wiley, R.R. Bowker, and the Association of American University Press. She has an M.A. in British and American Literature from Ohio University; a B.A. in English from Southeastern Massachusetts University (magna cum laude); and a certificate in Public Relations from New York University.


Len Maniace

Len Maniace brings more than three-decades of experience as an award-winning daily journalist to the job, providing Monteiro and Co. with a deep understanding of what media professionals view as newsworthy.


He reported on a broad range of issues, specializing in science, medicine, environment, and health-policy, and has a bachelor’s degree in biology  and a master’s in public affairs journalism. This background enables Len to translate and put in context complex issues so they can be understood by journalists who are often generalists.

He joined Monteiro & Company in 2016, handling writing duties such as producing press releases and pitches; helping to develop publicity strategies for authors; as well as hand-on outreach to the media.

Len leads New York City’s most active volunteer tree-stewardship/environmental-sustainability project. He is also a leader of the New York City Urban Forest Agenda, a program designed to make the city more resilient in the face of increasingly hot summers due to climate change.


Steve Beciker pic.jpg

Steve Becker Publicity

For the last 10 years we’ve partnered with Steve Becker, who specializes in booking authors, experts, and other guests on the “listening media.”

With more than 20 years in the publicity space, Steve has developed a reliable and wide-reaching network of contacts among regional, syndicated, and national radio programs, including NPR affiliates, as well as satellite radio and podcasts.

Previously, Steve worked as a radio producer and host, where he learned first-hand the needs of radio broadcasters. More details are available at

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

“You made the absolute, most efficient use of every minute in each of the cities I visited. You are a great publicist—and I will be sure to keep that in mind if there is ever a sequel to Bloomberg by Bloomberg!”

Our Philosophy

We believe that our top priorities are to pinpoint your messages and target the traditional and social media landscape to call attention to what makes you and your book unique.  Our process begins with reading the book, brainstorming pitches, reading and watching the news and telling everyone we know about your ideas. 

Philip Turner

"Barbara Monteiro and her associates are skilled and passionate promoters of cutting-edge books that matter."

Our Goal

Our goal is to maximize your budget with the best media for your campaign. 


Since 1995 we have consistently become known for the following:


Hooking the book into the news — For traditional media and even social media, the news environment makes your message rise to the top or disappear. Our job is to talk with you about the news environment and how you can fit in.

Author relations — We believe in Ken Blanchard's saying that all successful business make their clients their “raving fans.”


Spotting bestsellers — From helping Ambassador Joe Wilson get his book published when major agents rejected the idea; from spotting a high school senior’s non-fiction book, finding her an agent and having her receive a $100,000 advance; from taking a first-time author and helping him/her breakthrough to cultivating the reputations of famous authors, we’re on the case every day.

We’ve helped find agents, media coaches and speaker’s bureaus; introduced like-minded people who’ve become friends; found places to get a quick haircut or a new pair of shoes when running shoes couldn't appear on camera.  In short, we've helped authors present themselves in the best light.

And, above all, if you become our client and respect what we do on your behalf, we will refer you and send you pertinent media information long after the book campaign is over.

Ken Blanchard

"To Barbara 'pit bull' Monteiro. Thanks for all your support. What a pleasure to work with you!"


Let's Work Together

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