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Book Launches

For more than 30 years, Monteiro & Company has been a trusted advisor for authors of best-selling non-fiction books, including those that have become classics in their fields.

We are hired by authors and publishers, helping them plan marketing and publicity strategies that will get their book and its ideas before the public. We launch publicity campaigns across a broad range of media: print, online, radio, podcasts, and television.  We’ve placed author Op-ed pieces in such outlets as  The New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. We strategize on how to best use the online platform Medium and regularly work with the 92Y in New York City,  as well as other venues, including bookstores to host author events. 

For best results, we seek to begin work roughly three months before publication date – when Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) are available. This lead time allows us to plan projects, to target most the appropriate media, and to employ a strategy of repeat pitches to the media, a necessity due to busy news cycles and much competition in the book trade. This also gives us a chance to help you increase your presales interest on Amazon. We do take clients, however, closer to and even after a book’s publication. 


Our proposals provide detailed media outreach and a timeline for the campaign. The  written materials we create include press releases, pitches, author bios, and questions for radio interviews.  We work with radio specialist Steve Becker as part of our team, who books author interviews  on syndicated radio, NPR affiliates, local and regional radio, and podcasts. Barbara Monteiro and Len Maniace pitch New York City’s NPR affiliate WNYC and select other high-profile radio shows. 


We advise on social media strategies and how to make the most of Amazon’s free author services. We recommend two highly successful businesses for social media coverage. We’ve combined forces with large PR firms such as Burson-Marstellar, Finn Partners, major corporations such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, as well as media such as the Harvard Business Review and Business Week, to extend our reach beyond that of a boutique book PR firm.

As a measure of our success, we’ve  built the profiles of such repeat clients as Nobel Laureate economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, 10 books and ongoing media relations for more than two decades; environmental leader Lester Brown, four books; CEO and business-leadership expert Bill George, four books; Wharton Business School, four books; investor/economics professor Bill Janeway, two books; photographer, polar explorer, and environmental advocate Sebastian Copeland, two books; and tech CEO Peter Boni, two books.

Our successful work with the media has led some members to recommend authors to Monteiro and Company as potential clients.

Author Consultations

Authors benefit from our decades in the book industry through this service which, for an hourly fee  explains the inner workings of publishing, retail sales, early reviewers such as Kirkus and Amazon’s book algorithms.

If you have a book in the works, we can serve as a Beta Reader, reviewing  early manuscripts, suggesting book titles, editorial direction, and advice on agents to determine if a manuscript could be of interest to  one of the Big Five publishers, or to a mid-size independent publisher.


Here is a sample  of recent authors we’ve helped: 

Jane Hall, American journalist, professor, media commentator and author of  Politics and the Media: Intersections and New Directions.

Simon N. Whitney, physician, medical ethicist, attorney, and author of From Oversight to Overkill: Inside the Broken System that Blocks Medical Breakthroughs — And How We Can Fix It.

Peter Boni, served as CEO of several publicly traded tech companies, including President and CEO of Safeguard Scientific. He is author of All Hands on Deck: Navigating Your Team through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck and Emerging Victorious and Uprooted: Family Trauma, Unknown Origins and the Secretive History of Artificial Insemination.


“Thank you to Barbara Monteiro, the New York City-based publicist who  launched my first book  All Hands on Deck: Navigating Your Team through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck and Emerging Victorious.
“She served as mentor, strategic consultant, cheerleader, introductory-agent and friend once I shared my early manuscript with her. Barbara promoted this book to her network, which led to strategic help with shaping my story.”

Who We Work With

Publishing clients include all the major publishers: WW Norton, Inc., HarperBusiness, Wiley, Doubleday Currency, Penguin Putnam, Simon & Schuster, Portfolio, Jossey Bass, Abbeville Press, The Free Press, AMACOM, Berrett-Koehler and McGraw-Hill Professional Books.


Our firm’s landmark bestsellers are four books by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. Other bestsellers include: True North by Bill George; American Dynasty by Kevin Phillips; The Politics of Truth by Ambassador Joe Wilson; Patton on Leadership and Elizabeth I, CEO, both by Alan Axelrod. We also launched the following book series: Wharton School Publishing imprint with the lead book by CK Prahalad, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, which has become a classic and Polipoint Press, including the best seller, The Blue Pages.


In addition to book PR, Monteiro & Company helped create and promote the Business Week Bestseller List; the Harvard Business Review’s 75th Anniversary; Wiley's The Little Book of Investing series; and the New York Times Job Market. We also collaborated with Fast Company magazine to create the “Readers Choice” column.

Monteiro & Company partners on projects with Finn Partners, The Winnick Group, Fenton Communications, Goetz Graphics, and Burson-Marsteller.

Repeat and Ongoing Clients

Repeat and Ongoing Clients

  • Lester Brown

  • Bill George

  • Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate

  • Blythe J. McGarvie

  • Nomi Prins

  • Leslie Gaines-Ross

  • Sebastian Copeland

Past Clients

  • David Batstone

  • Lucian Bebchuk

  • John Beck and Mitchell Wade

  • Warren Bennis

  • Ken Blanchard

  • Michael Bloomberg

  • David Cutler

  • Peter Firestein

  • Mark Green

  • Former NJ Governor Thomas Kean

  • John Kottler

  • Joel Kurtzman

  • Mark Leibovich, New York Times

  • David Leinweber

  • Mark Crispin Miller

  • Kenichi Ohmae

  • James O’Toole

  • Kevin Phillips

  • Michael Porter

  • CK Prahalad

  • Harrison Salisbury

  • Betty Shotton

  • Adrian Slywotzky

  • John Sperling

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Peter Tanous

  • Lester Thurow

  • Ambassador Joe Wilson

  • Town Hall Events


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